Otway Prime strives to meet our customer’s needs and and we welcome any questions you may have.  Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we encounter.

1.  Why do we grass feed our cattle?
We believe that grass fed beef is a more flavoursome and healthy choice. We also believe that cattle are healthiest and happiest when in their natural grassland environment. The health benefits of grass fed as opposed to grain fed beef is hotly debated, however research indicates that grass fed beef is substantially lower in saturated fats and higher in Omega 3 essential fatty acids.  In simple words, grass fed beef is better for you.

2.  Why is Otway Prime not breed specific?
Otway Prime is focussed on producing a premium product and our cattle are mainly derived from quality British bloodlines, like Angus and Hereford.  Meat Standards Australia (MSA) research has found that there is an insignificant difference in meat quality between breeds, with the exception of Bos Indicus tropical breeds.  MSA has however found a significant difference in meat and eating quality by the way livestock is produced and handled.  This is what Otway Prime prioritises.

3.  What is Meat Standards Australia?
Our livestock is grown with reference to Meat Standards Australia quality control guidelines to deliver a consistency of eating quality. The guideliness that we find most beneficial relate to livestock handling and are specifically designed to minimise stress.  For example, we do not mix our livestock with animals that are not part of the herd within two weeks of dispatch, we do not overcrowd, we do not use high stress handling techniques like loud noises and electric prodders.  Our livestock are free to roam and always have access to plenty of quality feed, fresh water and shelter.  Otway Prime selects only the very best, well finished and highest quality cattle to market under our brand.  Cattle that do not meet Otway Prime’s selection criteria are sold seperately.

4.  Why do we dry age our beef.
Ageing on the bone (hanging) enhances tenderness by allowing naturally occurring enzymes in the meat to break down muscle fibre.  The weakening of the muscle fibre enhances the eating quality of the meat. This critical part in the process is usually skipped and results in disappointing meat quality. Otway Prime is different because we always age our meat on the bone before packing.

5.  Why is Otway Prime beef cryocac packed (vacuum sealed)?
Vacuum sealing effectively locks out air and locks in quality.  Cryovac packaging is known as ‘wet ageing’ because once packed, the meat continues to tenderise and improve in a refrigerated environment for up to six weeks. Cryovac packaging also protects against bacterial spoilage and frost burn once the product is frozen.  With regard to lamb, customers should note that cuts are largely on-bone which do not cryovac well.  As such, most of our lamb is packaged on trays and has a shorter refrigerated shell life.  Our lamb packaging is however very suitable for freezing.

6.  How do we deliver your meat?
Otway Prime services much of the Colac Otway, SurfCoast and Greater Geelong shires and Melbourne.  Your meat will be delivered by us and by mutual arrangement with you, in PrimeSafe registered refrigerated transport.

7.  What are the best storage methods for your Otway Prime beef?
Our cryovaced beef can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six weeks, although the longer the ageing the stronger the flavour becomes.  Cuts that are on the bone such as T-Bone and Osso Bucco and as well as mince and sausages should be consumed within days or placed in the freezer. Roasting cuts, steaks, diced beef and beef strips will continue to age in the refrigerator for a longer period of time.  Our preference on cryovac ageing of roasts and steaks is to refrigerate for up to four weeks before either eating or freezing.  Our lamb products should be eaten fresh, or otherwise frozen within a week.  Boned-out lamb cuts that have been cryovaced will maintain a refridgerated shelf life of around two weeks.

8.  How long will a quarter pack last?
If eating beef three times per week, a quarter pack should last a family of four about three months.  A lamb would last the same family about six weeks.

9.  How much storage room in my freezer will a quarter pack require?
Many cuts of beef can be held in the refrigerator for several weeks until consumed.  However, in terms of planning freezer space, a quarter pack averaging around 30kg will require the space of about ten to twelve loaves of bread.

10.   Why are our mince and sausages ‘Super Premium’?
Mince and sausages are often made with offcuts and have a high fat content.  Otway Prime’s mince and sausages are made of primal cuts such as topside, chuck, blade etc.  Our mince is 100% pure lean beef and we offer a choice of sausages, either our traditional gluten free sausages or our new line of homemade sausages which contain no additives at all – no preservatives, no food colour, no gluten.
All our sausages are encased in natural skins.