Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are increasingly popular and fill a niche of connecting conscientious consumers directly with the farmers producing their food.  You can find us and talk with us at one of the following farmers markets, which we personally attend.

  1. Torquay Farmer’s Market – each Saturday morning
  2. Golden Plains Farmer’s Market – first Saturday of the month (VFMA accredited)
  3. Coburg Farmer’s Market – second Saturday (VFMA accredited)
  4. Airey’s Inlet Market – second Sunday Oct – June
  5. Fairfield Farmer’s Market – third Saturday of the month (VFMA accredited)
  6. Apollo Bay Farmer’s Market – third Sunday
  7. Mulgrave Farmers Market – 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays of the month
  8. Newtown Farmer’s Market, Geelong – forth Saturday
  9. South Geelong Farmer’s Market – first and third Sundays of the month (VFMA accredited)

Otway Prime has strict quality control processes in place that differentiate our product. We would like our customers to be aware that at all times our packaging is clearly labelled with the Otway Prime brand, so that it is not confused with more generic or mass produced products.

Beef Bulk Packs

8 kg burgers, mince, sausages:
3kg mince, 3kg sausages, 2 dozen burgers. Cost $120.

12kg slow cooker:
3kg roasts/silverside; 3 kg diced beef or slow cooking cuts of choice; 3kg premium mince; 3kg sausages.  Cost $200 ($16.67/kg) or doubled up $380 ($15.83/kg).

15kg variety pack:
3kg steaks; 3kg roasts or silverside; 3kg slow cooking cuts of choice; 3 kg prime mince; 3kg sausages.  Cost $300.00 ($20.00/kg).  Double the size to 30kg for $570.00 ($19.00/kg).

60kg, 90kg and 120kg of Otway Prime beef are also available, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

* Weights are indicative as dressed weights and yields can vary. You will be charged for exact weights and you only pay for trimmed, packed, 100% beef.  We are happy to include stock/soup bones and bones for your dog on request and at no extra cost.

Lamb Bulk Packs

Whole or half lamb:
Fillets, backstraps (or loin chops), cutlets or racks, roasts, rumps, diced, mince and sausages.  Half lamb approx 8kg – $160 ($20.00/kg); full lamb approx 16kg – $300 ($18.75/kg).

8kg lamb slow cooker:
2kg leg roast, 2kg forequarter (roast or diced), 1kg shanks, 1.5kg mince, 1.5kg sausages.  $140.00 ($17.50/kg).

* Weights are indicative as dressed weights and yields can vary. Lamb packs include bone-in cuts like leg & forequarter roasts, cutlets & loin chops, or alternatively boned and rolled roasts, diced, backstraps and fillets if preferred. Please contact us to discuss your preferences.



On a budget?

Talk to us.  We welcome your enquiry and can build a bulk pack to any budget.